Autism After 21 uses dollars raised to support the following:

  1. Soft Skills class along with Mini IPad training course, this 16 week class includes: introduction to the Mini IPad, creating a schedule, financial awareness, and apps to enhance continuing education and soft skills training for successful employment
  2. The Practice Workshop, collaboration with Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Life and author Barb Schmidt. These workshops promote tools for dealing with stress, building stronger relationships, along with incorporating tips for thriving at school and work
  3. Peer Mentoring in conjunction with Stand Among Friends and Policy Works
  4. Advocacy and awareness for Transitioning Owls at Florida Atlantic University (FAU)
  5. Summer Opportunity for Adult Readiness SOAR at FAU – a residential program for young adult’s age’s 18-25 and high school students 16-17 years of age.